Published Works

A Creature Comes Home / The Masters Review Volume IV anthology, Guest Judge Kevin Brockmeier
No Sense Lying When We’re All Dying / Pantheon Magazine
Choose Wisely: 35 Women Up to No Good, co-edited with Joanne Merriam / Upper Rubber Boot Books

Dirtman / Nightmare Magazine
An Everyday Wedding / Drunk Monkeys
Icarus With the Gimpy Wing / Gingerbread House
Beckoning / The Olentangy Review
Gorge / The Big Click
A Criss-Crossed Sky and Chipped Edges Crumble / Antioch U’s Lunch Ticket
Martyr Complex appearing in Literary Orphans’s Best Of anthology!
Manicures and Vicodin in Palm Valley in 2014 (7-Story Serial) Pure Slush
All the Shiny Things Fall / Mojave River Review
My Brother on the Sidewalk appearing in Bartleby Snopes’s Best Of Issue!
Islands / Electric Windmill
A War With No Backbone / Menacing Hedge

Are You Man or Aquatic Ectotherm? / Jersey Devil Press
Pulled Apart Pushed Pieces / Thrice Fiction No. 9
Hatch /Gone Lawn
Unravel / First Stop Fiction
Martyr Complex / Literary Orphans
Constellation of Words / Del Sol Review
Absolution nominated by Metazen for Best of the Net 2013!
Lava / trapeze magazine
All There Was / Counterexample Poetics
The Big and Small of It / Drunk Monkeys
Interview / Drunk Monkeys
Room to Breathe / Pure Slush
The Sea is Only Meat / PANK
My Career-Changing Move / Writer’s Digest
My Brother on the Sidewalk / Bartleby Snopes
Two Girls, One Bag and Tops Like Arrows / Hobart
I’d Fuck Becky Green / Red Fez

Featured Poet for Issue #142 / Zygote in my Coffee:
My Breakfast Pastry is Me
Here’s Tom With the Weather
Ecstatic Faggots

Stay for the day, each day / Thousand Shades of Gray
That Will Never Settle / Pure Slush
Grandma Hates to See Me Cry, We Were Always Dividing, and These Things She Carries / Connotation Press
What It Means to be a Woman / Pure Slush
Produce / Pure Slush
Meditation on MS /Pure Slush
HOAssholes / Zygote in my Coffee
Tagged and Bagged / Zygote in my Coffee
Caged Relief / Pure Slush
Absolution and Dark Things / Metazen
Haiku for Lovers anthology
Death by Call Center / Pure Slush
Furiously Virginal Girls / DOGZPLOT
Mutinous Me and One Week Late / Black-Listed
Ovarian Caskets / Gutter Eloquence
Uncoiled and Inward-Out / The Fat City Review

Good to the Last Drop / GlassFire
Undeveloped and Daddy / Black-Listed


  1. Uther


    Oh my god… I have read maybe a little over half of what you have posted here ….so far.

    …incredible, truly. I really dig how you set the scenes … all the while a subtly familiar yet entirely surreal world comes in to focus… depicting life through existence, *defining* the universe though consciousness. Like describing a painting of bluish-yellow and reddish-green… familiar yet impossible.

    It took some thought in trying to express what that was meant to, and still falls short …I’m sure you could illustrate it more eloquently 🙂

    …Truly amazing style!

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