I’m an MFA-educated professional word ninja. If you send me a piece, I can proofread, line edit, and/or shred it with my wakizashi. Whatever it is, I can help it be the best school paper, short story, novel, résumé, thesis, memoir, technical manual, grocery list, coming-out letter, etc. (Your parents won’t disown you for poor editing, by golly.)

My services:

Basic Proofreading: Edits spelling, grammar, punctuation, and typographical errors. $2/double-spaced page

Substantive Editing: Refines style, syntax, and logic through consolidation or simple re-writing of the text where necessary. Every aspect of your manuscript will be polished. Also includes everything covered in a standard edit. $4/double-spaced page

Developmental Editing: Moves paragraphs within a section to improve the flow; restructures content with headings; identifies gaps in content and either writes the required text or explains the options; deletes extraneous content; and rewrites in consultation with the author as necessary. $5/double-spaced page

If you have a lengthy piece, I can work with you on price. Or we can barter services as if we live in a utopian future where the monetary system has been abolished and banks have become household pets.

Send me an email via my contact form. Include a short description of the piece and the changes you would like. I will reply quickly, after the tech fairies deliver your message to me.

Previous and Current Work:

— Founded site and edit all content for Cease, Cows literary magazine
— Edited pieces for award-winning, professional authors
— Compiled and co-edited Choose Wisely: 35 Women Up to No Good, including stories by Joyce Carol Oates, Aimee Bender, Rachel Swirsky, Cat Rambo, Amelia Gray, etc.
— Edited for and/or otherwise helped Qu literary journal, Black Heart Magazine, Dzanc Books, Literary Orphans, Best Small Fictions anthology, etc.


“H. L. Nelson helped transform my unpublished novel from a giant turd into a wicked good book. She has an incredible eye for detail and an excellent perspective. Without her feedback and polishing, I’d just be another no-name writer. H. L. is the first person I’d trust with any work-in-progress.” — Nate T.

“H. L. has a keen eye for the written word, and is thorough in her feedback and critiquing. Not only is her own fiction beautiful, unique, and insightful to the human condition, but her assistance with my work has helped me get published in reputable journals like Thuglit, Blight Digest, and Pantheon Magazine.” — Matt A.

“When it comes to stories, H. L. Nelson is sharp. She doesn’t miss problems or let mistakes slide, but she offers her criticism in a positive, helping way. She understands how to help a writer discover clear narrative direction in their fiction, the attributes that make characters work, the subtleties of how secrets are best revealed. With H. L.’s observations and encouragement, I have grown a great deal as a writer.” — Josh M.